Medical Coaching

Medical Coaching was born in Israel in 2011 with the Medical Coaching Institute, an international training school.


While Coaching focuses on goals, Medical Coaching is process orientated.











Medical Coaching is a process which enables clients to develop emotional, mental and physical resilience in a medical crisis and/or challenge but also in difficult times.


Resilience is the ability to adapt well in the face of adversity and health problems; it means “bouncing back” from difficult experiences.


It is an individual journey of health consisting of three phases:

  1. overcoming hurdles and fear

  2. connecting with resources and allies

  3. allowing transformation


Why start a Medical Coaching Journey?

You are in the middle of a personal or professional crisis and you are in need of recentering and taking some time for yourself to:​

  • finding balance

  • increase confidence

  • boost your energy

  • taking care of yourself

  • coping with emotions

  • transforming limiting beliefs and integrating new beliefs

  • coping with stress 


You are dealing with:

  • acute illness​​

  • chronic illness

  • invisible illness

  • medical procedures

  • organ transplant

  • grief and loss

  • medical related trauma

  • acute and chronic stress 

  • burn out


You are a caregiver or a medical doctor and you feel overwhelmed.

Adversity comes unannounced and unexpectedly. The Medical Coach accompanies the client in facing and managing these adversities in the best possible way for their client.

The Medical Coach helps the client to find motivation, activate their inner potential and to work on the best way to achieve their goals.

A sick person does  not have to identify with their illness.

A heath problem has repercussions in all areas of life.

The Medical Coach supports the client on an emotional level for the entire duration of the journey, also teaching stress management and self-help techniques.

The Medical Coach accompanies the client on a path of personal growth and changes which, aligned with their values, will lead them to achieve a better quality of life.

We all have the right to feel good and find our own personal balance.

Copia di Coaching vs medical coaching-2.

"It is more important to know what sort

of person has a disease than to know

what sort of disease a person has"





A Medical Coach does not want to replace a doctor but to help create adherence and patient engagement.

As Medical Coach, I can support your patient to improve the special and unique relationship with you  by creating:



The WHO (World Health Organization) defines adherence as “the degree of actual coincidence between the patient's individual behavior and the therapeutic prescriptions received by the treating health personnel”.


Poor adherence to physician prescriptions is the main cause of ineffectiveness of pharmacological therapies and leads to an increase in health care interventions and mortality, causing damage to patients, the health system and society.


Adherence is the key success factor for medical treatment.


It means active involvement of the patient in everything related to their care path.

The goal is to encourage greater autonomy and proactivity of the person in managing their lifestyle, their health and in the context of their relationship with the health system.


Medical Coaching, through a proactive approach focused on the patient / client, helps to find the necessary resources and alignment between medical care and one's personal history.


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