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Coaching is a safe space where you can stop, take a deep breath and be yourself.

You can take the weight off your shoulders and discover, through the stimuli of a conversation, new paths and new perspectives to achieve what you want.


At the end of a coaching session you can find clarity, a new awareness and maybe even an action plan to continue your path.


Each session will allow you to restart in a different way than before, maybe you will feel lighter and you will have learned to be more resilient to face your personal journey.

Where do you want to go?

What do you want to change?

As Coach and Medical Coach I can support you

in the discovery and development of







"I started my coaching path with a question. I had been searching for the answer for a couple of years.

After 3 sessions of coaching I realized that I had not been asking the right question. During the fourth hour of coaching I reframed the question. From that moment on, all the answers arrived by themselves. Magic? No, it is the strength of coaching and the competence of the Coach."

H. B. , Administrative Responsible

"It has been a very enriching experience both for my professional and as a personal growth.

It has given me the possibility to cope with serenity in difficult moments of stress simply by finding the resources within myself and the courage to face them."

B.L. Medical Doctor.

Thanks to coaching with Isabella I managed to change a difficult period in my life. I rediscovered myself and I learned how to face a mental block and my physical limits.

C. A., Student.

I started the coaching path in a moment of great changes in my life. Isabella gave me the instruments to deal with my decisions to the best. She managed to accompany me in my meditations giving me fresh ideas about my situation. I am grateful to her for her delicacy in helping me to a greater awareness of myself.

L.F., Medical Doctor.

"Coaching with Isabella Puddu has exceeded my expectations. I am very enthusiastic to have learned methods that I can use in my daily life. The very best thing was that all the answers I was looking for where already within myself. It was only a matter of bringing them to the surface. Thank you."

V.D., Employee.

"The experience of coaching has been an unexpected gift in a period of a great personal and professional change in my life. The guide of a professional has permitted me to explore my weaknesses freely and without judgement; but mostly my deepest needs rediscovering the courage to listen and to follow myself.

In my path of coaching, I acquired the consciousness of my vocation, I rediscovered self-love leaving my past behind and this has made me more secure in the choices of life.

With my Coach, I have experimented step by step the beauty to become what I am.

Thank you Isabella." 

E.P. , Nurse.

"When I started the coaching journey I was in a fulfilling and satisfying moment of my working life and I therefore had the drive to optimize my energy in order to give the best of myself to what I do.

Initially, with Isabella, we focused on conflict management, in order to find strategies that would allow me to eliminate my inner thoughts which constantly consume me.

I learned to focus my attention on the present and on myself, to express my opinions in a calm way, allowing the proactive and constructive ego to to emerge.

During an enjoyable technique, Isabella ‘guided’ me into into the future by asking my futureself to send me a snapshot of myself: it was a beautiful experience in which I saw myself with love, tenderness and passion. This gentleness soon extended beyond the ego to my daily dynamics.

 This coaching journey was very stimulating and very enjoyable. I made concrete strategies to pursue my well-being and be the best version of myself in the environment I am part of: looking back I am amazed that it only lasted six sessions of one hour each. Thank you Isabella."

S.P., Medical Physicist

"There is nothing impossible

to him who will try"

Alexander the Great

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