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Thoughts of a coach

Lockdown and my discoveries

Here In Lugano Phase 2 has started and next week the schools will reopen, a sign of the return to normal for a mother like me.

It has been a difficult period for everyone, especially for me; I am active by nature and stopping is not part of my life.

As a Coach, I have decided to make a list of the learnings I have received during the confinement at home, which I dedicate to my husband and my children who have put up with me and supported me.

I share it with the hope that ach of you will find something to think about but also something that will make you smile.

Supporting others always starts with sharing:

· we must say yes even when we would like to say no

· people take me seriously much more than I do

· luck doesn’t exist, you have to look for it

· working at home with two children is very tiring

· real friends are always present

· clothes are not so important in the end

· a glass of wine is always helpful

· in the morning it is nice to wake up while everyone is still sleeping

· watching the movement of the leaves on the trees is restful

· eating too much is not good for you but it makes you happy

· my safe place is my home

· sometimes it is better to keep silent than to speak

· people need to talk

· nature is unstoppable

· you can meet wonderful people unexpectedly

· a smile cures many problems

· making mistakes is human

· sport helps you to live better

· in the end time passes

· children teach you a lot

· sharing makes you feel less alone

· colours in flowers and clothes give cheerfulness

· comprehension for others is always positive

· in the end I did things I never expected from myself

· my safe anchor is my family

· breathing deeply helps in times of stress

· the worst response is the attack

· giving warms your heart

· people are much better than you expect

· life can always be lived intensely, even from the sofa at home

Now I am ready to re-enter, uncertain about the future but thankful for the present.


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