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Thoughts of a coach

Our uniqueness in difficult times

Co-written with Chiara Bodini, Purpose & Talent Agent.

Many things that were primary yesterday, today are simply relative.

Social relations, grocery, hugs, drinks with friends, going to the movies or even going to work seems today very distant, almost belonging to another life.

We have been constrained from the circumstances to stay home, sometimes alone, to wait.

For someone like me, agitated enough, it seems mission impossible.

But then, suddenly I realized that everything is possible. We are wired to change; we are indeed an adaptable and flexible species.

Our mind can become our best ally.

Many like me, who used to run all over the place, behind families, jobs, success, trying to find recognition and identity are today forced to stop and hopefully to reflect.

Among all consequences that the Coronavirus crisis will bring, we actually found something great: precious time.

The time that we often missed and that we have been constantly chasing.

Let’s consider this precious time as a dimension for oneself, separated from everything around, suspended, even if we are unaware of what will happen next.

Let’ s take this time for us, it may reserve unexpected surprises.

Let’s begin with an auto evaluation looking backwards:

what did I do so far to get to the point where I am now?

what do I believe in? what are my values? who helped me along the way?

We might be surprised by the answers.

We could figure out who we are, but also understand that we might have followed the wrong direction, one which is very distant from who we really are, far from our desires and natural inclination.

Who am I today? Am I satisfied?

Who are my real loved ones?

These questions need introspection.

Let’s take the opportunity that is hidden beyond: the chance and the power to change every day, the same chance and power we have always had but that we probably forgot because we were busy chasing time.

This is a unique moment. Let's start from scratch.

What makes me wake up every morning?

One single answer, for all of us, just does not exist.

Because each one of us has a different reason to wake up every morning.

If it is true that we are waves of the same ocean, is also true that each one of us, each wave, is unique and unrepeatable.

This is our greatest asset, the greatest treasure together with our planet who is hosting us.

So, I would start by trying to understand who we want to be, who we really are.

Is this easy? Absolutely not, would be the most common answer.

But it is actually not that complicated. Complicated and complex is the situation we are facing now.

Listening to ourselves works like magic, a miracle...we just need to be willing to explore our inner self.

Each one of us on this planet has a purpose. I truly believe in this.

The power to change for the better by staying true to ourselves is possible.

Our waving, though, must respect who is hosting us.

And this leads me to talk about the purpose of Mother Earth.

What does Mother Earth do? Mother Earth's purpose is to sustain life.

We have to acknowledge it and love this incredible alchemy that connects us.

Today, with everything we are experiencing, also the less convinced, hopefully, will start to realize how we are all interconnected.

And also that trying to find our purpose is functional, always, to the collective purpose which is at the service of Mother Earth. This is why she is named mother.

Purpose is key.


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